NEWPORT N.C. (WNCT) – Some residents are having mixed feelings on a new rehab facility possibly opening in Newport.

The Hope Is Alive Ministries rehab program will help those with drug and alcohol problems. If given approval, the facility would be at 2310 South Lakeview Drive in Newport.

Some residents near Lakeview are concerned about their safety and security living close to a rehabilitation facility, while others don’t see a problem with it. Valerie Potter lives across the street and said she was uneasy about the idea, but eventually had a change of heart.

“At first, I thought this was a terrible idea because I didn’t want it in our neighborhood, and then I started thinking, I kind of think that’s a perfect place for them to be in. I’m all for it,” said Potter.

Ernest Aguayo said he has lived in the area all his life and thinks the facility is a good idea as well.

“I think they’ll find the neighbors in this area will be very welcoming,” said Aguayo. “We’ve all had troubles, nobody’s nobody’s exempt from hardships, and I’d be willing to even volunteer there.”

One couple said they had questions about people in the program possibly having criminal records living close to young families. An older couple also had concerns about keeping medication in their home while being so close to the rehab center. They added there’s no issue with rehabilitation programs, but feel they would be better off in a commercial area instead of a residential one.

Newport Town Manager Bryan Chadwick said the town does not have an opinion on the subject, but they want to be sure statutes and ordinances are followed. He added that Hope Is Alive Ministries is the owner on the record for the home, and now are requesting a special-use permit to open the facility.

Newport Board of Adjustments is holding a hearing on Thursday at 5:30 p.m. for any residents who have concerns or questions.