Online Originals: Swansboro Police Officer’s small act of kindness goes a long way

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SWANSBORO (WNCT) — A Swansboro police officer was recognized Wednesday for an act of kindness that one local woman won’t forget. lists Swansboro as one of 10 Most Affordable Beach Towns for Homebuyers, 2021

“I heard the commotion, and a couple that was going home that lives over there came and told me that there was a car in my yard, and that it was buried out here in my rose bush,” said 80-year-old Katy Hiatt.  

Two weeks ago, a car drove into Hiatt’s mailbox and rose bush. She said it was shocking at first. Her rose bush had just begun to bloom. 

“I wish you had been here when it was blooming. It was a beautiful pink rose bush, billowing out all over the place,” said Hiatt. 

The accident, as she recalls, happened not too long ago around 2 a.m.. Swansboro police officer Benjamin Brim responded to the call.  

“I got a call for a single-vehicle accident,” said Brim. “I responded here and noticed that the vehicle had wrecked in the culver here and taken out the rose bush and the mailbox.” 

What happened next, “Ms. K” will never forget. 

“It was not required of him, but he came out here with his father and they looked at the wonderful situation and they came and replaced the mailbox here,” said Hiatt. “So without that, I wouldn’t be getting all my catalogs that I get every day.” 

Brim said he became a police officer to help the community and doing things like this is just the right thing to do. 

“I took my job as a police officer in order to help the community,” said Brim. “And that extends both on and off duty. I feel like it’s my place to help as much as I can.” 

He said his wife is going to help “Ms. K” replace her rose bush later down the road, too. Hiatt said overall that Brim’s act of kindness wasn’t a shock to her at all. 

“I was really surprised, but then again I wasn’t,” said Hiatt. “At first, I was but then again, I was like ‘That’s like him’. He would do something like that. I’m sure he’s done things like that before.’” 

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