JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – National Women’s Health Week started on Mother’s Day and runs through May 14.

If you’re a woman or have a special woman in your life, it’s a time to focus and reflect on their specific health needs. 

The Onslow County Health Department shared some of the many ways women can make sure their overall health is in check. 

Victoria Morales, the community relations officer at the health department, said women’s health should always be a priority. 

“As moms, as women, we are known for putting everyone, everything else before ourselves,” said Morales.

She said that it’s important to make sure your annual appointments are up to date.

“For women of reproductive age, we have our family planning service. and that really focuses on decreasing those unintentional pregnancies, either through contraception, or education,” said Morales.

She added that women who are expecting should have check-ups much more frequently. 

“We also have our maternal health, and these are women who are already pregnant,” said Morales. “So we follow them through some of the stages of their pregnancy.”

They also have resources for immunizations and sexually-transmitted infection screenings.

Morales said cancer screenings are also important.

“If you’ve had an abnormal screening result, that might also depend on how frequently you may need to go in and see your provider, but I believe the majority of people can be seen annually,” said Morales.

She added that this week is also important to check in on your mental health.

“Get out, ride the bikes, you know, take the babies in the strollers,” said Morales. “Get out and that’s great for your physical health, as well as your mental health.”

The Onslow County Health Department also has a resources list for other services available to women.

For the resources list, click here.