EMERALD ISLE, N.C. (WNCT) – A non-profit aiming to strengthen families living through childhood cancer is back in Emerald Isle for the summer.   

The Lighthouse Family Retreat has over a hundred local volunteers working to make the experience unforgettable. They’re making sure it will be the retreat of a lifetime for the families attending.   

The Mousques family is one of those in attendance. Their daughter, Sophia Mousques, was diagnosed with leukemia 10 years ago. That’s when her family decided to go try out the Lighthouse Family Retreat then and they fell in love. 

So much so, that they came back this year to volunteer.  

“Seeing that I can do that for others and see that change that I can do for other people like Lighthouse did for me. It just feels good,” said Giovanna Mousques, Sophia’s sister.  

And they aren’t the only ones who were drawn back to the retreat. Luke Woosley’s little brother survived cancer, and after his family went through the retreat, he knew he was going to come back to volunteer as well.  

Woosley explained that this experience helps these families with fun activities and connections.  

“Cancer affects everybody, but I think pediatric cancer specifically it’s, it’s a smaller group of people. And I think allowing them to have other people to connect to, and really share their experiences with is very beneficial,” said Woosley. 

At the end of the day, the ultimate goal of the retreat is to strengthen these families as they continue with the rest of their journeys.