ATLANTIC BEACH, N.C. (WNCT) – It’s been over a month and a half since a murder shook the Atlantic Beach community.  

On August 29, officers responded to a call of a possible assault and found 65-year-old Randal Miller of Apex laying in a driveway with a stab wound.

During a press conference on Monday, they released new information and announced the increase in the reward for information in this case. The reward is now $30,000 dollars and officers are asking for people to now be on the lookout for a four-door silver Infinity. 

Close friends of Miller said he was in Atlantic Beach getting ready to do what he loved the most, go fishing.  

“He looked forward every year to going fishing at the Neuse River and catching the big reds. That was his lifelong dream and bucket list,” said one friend, John McAlpin. 

McAlpin said Randy went outside to get the boat ready for the day. That’s when he was stabbed in what officials say was a random act of violence. 

“I put a blanket under his head and medics were on the way already. I just told him, ‘hang in there buddy. We’re going fishing this afternoon and we’ll still get them’. And little by little he started disappearing in my arms. He finally said, ‘John I can’t breathe anymore’ and he passed,” said McAlpin. 

He leaves behind friends and family members who now just want answers. 

“He always told jokes. He was friendly and loving, and I was hoping this was all one of his big jokes and he’s going to be back here any day, and every day I wake up looking for him,” said McAlpin. 

The Atlantic Beach Police Department has been working diligently to solve this case. They’ve released updated photos of the car they believe was used by the suspects. They’ve also sent all the physical evidence they’ve gathered to be tested in a forensics lab. 

“We’re confident that with the leads that we are currently working and the use of forensic testing, we will be able to bring this case to justice,” said Atlantic Beach Police Chief, Jeff Harvey. 

And as each day passes, police, family, and friends are urging anyone who knows anything to come forward.  

“Please call that number, please turn in any tip, anything, you know anything to turn this case around. Randy deserves justice. He deserves to have these guys put away,” said McAlpin. 

Police are urging anyone with any information to call the Crime Stoppers tip line at (252) 726-INFO (4636).