NOTE: Each Friday in October during our “9 On Your Side News at 5:30,” WNCT will air a “Spooky Special.” It’s our monthlong series about places in Eastern North Carolina that people may consider to be haunted or just plain spooky.


BEAUFORT, N.C. (WNCT) – Nestled deep in the heart of Beaufort is The Old Burying Ground. It was settled in 1709, at the same time the town was.

“In the words of a very famous certain pirate, you best start believing in ghost stories because, at this point, you weren’t going to be in one. As soon as you set foot in this town.” said tour guide Zelda Buchanan.

Those buried here are at rest beneath the trees like 12-year-old Abigail. She met her fate due to the Black Plague in the mid-18th century.

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And even to this day, people still leave toys and gifts on her grave.

“We’ll find that the toys will be scattered all over across the burial ground as if someone’s been out playing with them,” Buchanan said.

And Abigail just likes to make sure those who visit her know she’s still there.

“The light across the street likes to flicker. We’ve asked the building who owns it. Is it on a timer? Is it motion censored? It is not either. So it really does have a mind of its own, which we believe is Abigail,” Buchanan said.

And she’s not the only restless spirit in the town.

When you go on The Beaufort Ghost Walk, one of the stops is the Gabriel House. The story goes that the owner fell from the roof of the home to his death. Now, it’s a hot spot for paranormal activity.

“Things being moved, voices, footsteps, but the highest complaint that house gets is about 10 o’clock at night when you’re trying to sleep. They’ll hear very loud banging right to top their heads,” said Buchanan.

The tour is important to guides like Buchanan, who loves sharing the stories of spirits that still call this place home.

“They say, you actually die twice. You know, the first time is your initial physical death. The second is when the very last person says your name for the very last time, and then you’re forgotten for the rest of history,” Buchanan said.