MOREHEAD, N.C. (WNCT) – The Take Back the Night Rally on Tuesday focused on empowerment, healing, and advocacy for sexual assault survivors.

Every 68 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted. So participants in the rally heard a bell ring every 68 seconds.

“To demonstrate as we walk, how many rings did you hear? And that’s the amount of people who have been sexually assaulted,” said Linda Morrell, victim advocate at the Carteret County Rape Crisis Center.

Participants were given information about what the center offers and were able to sign proclamations to join as advocates against sexual assault.

“We have counseling, everything is free, free of charge, and confidential of course,” said Morrell.

Carlotta Cooper is a community volunteer at the center. She shared her story and what the event meant to her.

“Oh it’s important to me to volunteer for the Rape Crisis Center because I’m trying to give back a little bit of what I’ve got because I was a victim of rape, and the crisis center really helped me,” said Cooper. “They helped me verbalize it, they helped me understand it.”

Morrell shared what she hoped the biggest takeaways from the march would be.

“To the survivors that we are here to assist them,” said Morrell. “And to let them know that as far as being ashamed and afraid to disclose or what have you, you can.”

Morrell said that she hopes the event will happen every year from now on and people in the community realize there are resources available to them.