EMERALD ISLE, N.C. (WNCT) — There will be fewer trash cans on the beach strand in one Crystal Coast Town this summer.

The “Pack it In, Pack it Out” program is meant to reduce the number of trash cans on the beach and to encourage residents to bring their trash to the Ocean Drive bins instead. Emerald Isle will be implementing this at its beach accesses.

“We’re just asking folks, instead of carrying all their trash all the way onto the beach, consuming their deliverables and then carry that trash to the trash in the picture and just go another 50, 100 feet, maybe 150 feet to the walkway, trash can and put it there,” said Emerald Isle Town Manager Matt Zapp.

Town officials have said that having fewer trash cans will help rid the beach of rodents, odors and litter. It will enhance the views of the beach as well.