ATLANTIC BEACH, N.C. (WNCT) — A press conference held by the Atlantic Beach Police Department on Thursday included an update on the investigation into last year’s murder of a man along with surveillance video from the scene. Officials are hoping this will lead to new clues in the investigation.

Residents hope for answers as investigation continues in Atlantic Beach murder

It’s been almost a year since Randal “Randy” Miller of Apex was found stabbed in a driveway in Atlantic Beach. Police responded to the 300 block of West Atlantic Boulevard on Aug. 29 at around 5:45 a.m. after his body was found laying in a driveway.

Randy Miller (John McAlpin contributed photo)

Officials determined he had a single stab wound on the left side of his chest. He later died of his injuries at Carteret Health Care in Morehead City.

“This homicide took away a citizen took away a husband took away a father. And this is something that we can’t allow to continue on,” said Atlantic Beach Police Chief Jeff Harvey.

The reward for information that leads to an arrest is now at $55,000 with Gov. Roy Cooper adding $25,000 to a $30,000 reward Atlantic Beach police announced back in October.

Thursday morning’s news conference was held to give an update on the investigation and to release the video. They are hoping someone who watches it can offer some clues in the case.

Cooper increases reward in Atlantic Beach murder

(Atlantic Beach Police surveillance video)

“Our hopes are is that by people viewing these, you may pick up on some characteristics of the people walking, or body mannerisms are such,” Harvey said.

During Thursday’s press conference, Harvey said the suspects were breaking into vehicles around the West Atlantic Boulevard area before Miller’s murder. Harvey also said there were three individuals involved: a main perpetrator and two who acted as lookouts.

Richard Porter, who is the owner of Tacklebox Tavern, said they offered their security footage to law enforcement to help with the investigation.

“I think everybody in the community came forward very quickly with their Ring doorbells and their surveillance cameras,” Porter said. “Our cameras aren’t pointed out the street, but they were able to capture some stuff in the background.

“These things usually don’t happen without folks talking about it.”

Havey said it’s been harder to follow leads with the amount of time that has passed. He said they continue to actively investigate in partnership with state and federal agencies. They are hopeful the video footage will help to identify the suspects and bring closure to the family.

“You may pick up on some characteristics of the people walking, or body mannerisms as such,” Harvey said. “We have had multiple interviews, multiple leads that have come through this investigation over the last year. We’re looking for those final pieces to put this all together.”

Officials previously released images of a four-door silver Infinity which is believed to be part of the crime scene. Police are also seeking information on that, as well.

“I think with any crime, I mean that the longer it takes, the more difficult it gets to solve it,” Harvey said. “But I do think that there are three people, three people know what happened. Three people are not going to keep their mouth shut, somebody’s going to know something”

Anyone with information about this case should contact the Atlantic Beach Police Department at 252-726-2523 or tips can be submitted anonymously by clicking here.