DIGGING DEEPER: The impact of e-cigs on young people


Vaping and E-Cigarettes are becoming more and more of a problem, especially among young people.

A concerned grandmother reached out to 9 On Your Side after she says her grandson was taken from a high school in Pitt County to the hospital — because he had been vaping.

That grandmother didn’t want to go on camera but she says something needs to be done as more and more kids are vaping, and Pitt County Schools agrees.

Janell Lewis works at the Beaufort County Health Department, she says the problem with vaping and e-cigarettes is that we don’t exactly know what the effects are but she says every study the CDC has done has said they’re not good.

Lewis said, A lot of people know it as a healthier option to smoking but that is not the case, you’re exposing yourself to things that we don’t know the full impact of because It hasn’t been around long enough.

Pitt County Schools sent 9OYS a statement saying they’re aware of the increase of tobacco use and vaping, they say, in part, As a result, we partner with groups such as Students Against Destructive Decisions to increase awareness among our students and staff. We comply with state and federal law and operate as a tobacco-free system, and this includes prohibiting the use of e-cigarettes and other similar products.

The school system is updating its tobacco-free campus signs this summer to include vapes.

Just this month, North Carolina became the first state to sue e-cigarette maker Juul.

Attorney General Josh Stein accuses the vaping company of targeting young people and understating the danger of nicotine in its products.

Stein said, Within the last year, the use of e-cigs has gone up among high school students 70 percent and 40 percent among middle school students.

Lewis says right now parents need to educate themselves and their kids.

She said, Be on the lookout, do your kids smell different, look for USB looking things — is it a USB or is it a Juul?

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