GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Parker Byrd’s mother posted an update on Facebook Saturday on his progress following surgery to remove part of his right leg after a scary boating accident that happened to him back in July.

Hedgepeth making progress, surgery needed on Tuesday

Byrd is an incoming freshman baseball player at East Carolina University who was involved in a boating accident in July. After a slow recovery process, it was determined earlier this week part of his right leg had to be amputated.

Mitzi Bryd said the family is hopeful Parker can get some “much-needed rest” as doctors try to control his pain. They are hopeful the blood flow to the tissues and muscles below Parker’s right knee continues so “that no infections creep in, that his pain is controlled and that his thigh muscles continue to heal.”

The amputation of his right knee was performed Thursday due to no blood flow to his right food and because his calf muscle was dying due to the lack of blood. Doctors were hopeful the amputation below the knee would be successful so the healing process could continue. Rehab and further steps such as a prosthetic being placed where Parker’s leg was are also possible down the road.

“He has an amazing team of physicians that are working tirelessly to get him there,” Mitzi Byrd wrote on Facebook. “Our prayer this weekend is that the blood flow to the tissue/muscles below the right knee increases in order to keep his knee, that no infections creep in, that his pain is controlled, and that his thigh muscles continue to heal. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. It’s truly means the world to our family.”