The Peach House in Kinston has been drawing in locals and visitors to downtown Kinston for nearly three decades. Its history in Kinston goes all the way back to the early 1900’s.

“It would’ve come in a railroad car, 12,000 pieces in the kit,” said Joni McRae, the owner of the Peach House.

McRae took over the place in the early 1990s, focusing on quality and fresh food.

“My brother and his wife, Cam and Sally McRae bought the house in the late 80s and decided to open a catering and restaurant business,” McRae said. “The house was painted a peach color and that was the beginning of the Peach House in 1987. With the help of great friends and co-workers, Sally built the menu and recipe base and the business, both lunch and catering has grown every year since.”

One of the local’s favorites is the chicken casserole, which is on the menu as a special every Wednesday.

“Chicken, peas, cream of celery, cream of mushroom, cream of chicken,” said Amanda Short, describing what makes up the dish. It’s served with a side salad featuring some of the house-made dressings.

Another hit is the chicken salad, which the Peach House does a bit differently. They use all the traditional ingredients, but add in relish and a little sugar.

“It’s very similar to homemade chicken salad that your mother would make,” said J Mac Daughety.

“Good food. It’s always fresh. I like to eat healthy, and there’s plenty of choices for healthy food here,” said Mindy Eubanks.

For those not looking to eat healthy, the Peach House has you covered too with decadent sweets like homemade cookies, lemon bars and cakes.

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