GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — High temperatures and little to no rainfall is still causing concerns for Eastern North Carolina farmers.

Co-Op extension agencies from both Lenoir County and Jones County say the crop that is affected the most is corn. Both counties are under a complete or partial “severe drought” condition, according to

“You can pass a tobacco field and see it’s golden up, particularly the bottom of the plant it’s golding really bad due to the heat,” the Row Crop Agent for Lenoir County Co-op Extension, Steve Killette, said. “It’s never good for a plant to try pollinating produced during the drought and what we call a silking period, you don’t necessarily want it to be stressed under drought conditions.”

Dr. Tammy Kelly, Lenoir County’s extension director said the farmer’s market in Lenoir has also had issues.

“The heat and the drought has both affected the produce, and the quantity of the produce we provide at the market and at roadside stands,” Kelly said.

Jacob Morgan, with Jones County’s Co-Op Extension, said farmers can plant a variety of crops. That way, if one crop doesn’t come in, they have others that might stand a chance against drought conditions.

“So like this year, corn is not gonna be very good, and if it doesn’t rain all summer, then nothing’s gonna do good,” Morgan said. “But if we can start getting some rain, then soybeans still have a chance of making a pretty good crop and cotton as well has a pretty good chance at making a good crop.”