GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Pitt County’s Department of Social Services has been approved for a 90-day pilot program to test out a four-day workweek.

“The four-day work week is a win-win for the city, county and employees,” said Augustine Frazer, Pitt County’s interim DSS director.

The DSS has two groups participating in the program. Group A works Monday through Thursday, and Group B works Tuesday through Friday. Each week, the groups switch.

Frazer said even though employees are working shorter weeks, productivity is increasing.

“Week one of this program we had 1,500 applications. Week two, we completed 1,700. Week three, 1,800, and week four we are going towards 2,000,” he said. “So the numbers are progressively increasing which means staff members are putting in more effort and getting results.”

“We are serving more people,” Frazer added. “The incentive of giving one day off is actually yielding a good result for the county, and for the people of Pitt County.”

Staff morale is also improving.

“Morale has increased significantly amongst those who are participating in the four day work week pilot,” he said. “You can see they don’t walk like zombies. They actually take time to say hello to each other.”

The pilot is set to end in September. Frazer said at that point they’ll look at the data to see if the program needs any tweaking before making it a permanent policy in their department.