WARSAW, N.C. (WNCT) — With the school year around the corner, campuses across the country are making sure their schools are safe, and it’s no different here in Eastern North Carolina.

Multiple law enforcement agencies in ENC are participating in active shooter training classes this week at Warsaw Elementary School in Duplin County.

Eric Southerland, the Basic Law Enforcement School director at James Sprunt Community College ran the drill, where law enforcement officials went through different active shooter scenarios.

Morehead City police officers participate in active-shooter drill

“Currently what we’re doing right now is a what we call a rolling T-formation. It’s a standard formation for a four-officer tactical team to respond, and we have shell casings lying in the hall, we have speakers with gunfire and actually blanks that we’re firing to draw the officers toward the gunfire,” Southerland said.

“So when they come into the classroom, they come into the school, that’s what we want them to do is to go to the sound of gunfire. We have role players laying down as victims, and those victims are pointing, telling them they went this way and we want those officers to be able to pick up on those cues, and follow to the gunfire so they can find where the shooter is, and then once they narrow a classroom down, then they make that entry.”

Southerland says the biggest mistake he’s seen with active shooter situations is a lack of action.

“Doing something, moving towards that threat, and doing something to stop the violence is better than just standing there and doing nothing. because as long as we’re not doing anything, the bad guys continue to shoot and kill innocent people,” Southerland said.