Early voting begins for NC District 3


Early voting started Wednesday for the NC District 3 seat in the US House.

Betsy Flanagan took advantage and headed to the polls.

She’s got options, there are 26 candidates.

Flanagan said, “Because this is not a normal election cycle, I think the turnout will be low because it just isn’t on people’s minds to elect a senator right now.”

She could be right; Pitt County Board of Elections director Dave Davis says numbers are down.

In the first 3 hours, they only had about 50 people vote in Pitt County

Davis said, “I think it’s just the one contest, so people, unfortunately, think like, well, why am I going just to fill in one bubble but they don’t think how special this, the US House cannot be filled by appointment, it has to be filled by the people”

That’s why Betsy is hoping people will get out and vote.

The primary is April 30th; you can vote early Monday-Friday leading up to Election Day.

There are 17 counties in District 3, to see where you go vote and the hours your location is open, click here.

For a list of all 26 candidates, click here.

If a run-off is needed, it will be held on July 9th and the general election will be on September 10th.

If no run-off is needed, the general election will be July 9th.

This election is needed because of the passing of Congressman Walter B. Jones, who won re-election in District 3 back in November 2018 but passed away in February.

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