ECU getting rid of Limebikes on campus


Limebikes are a popular mode of transportation in and around East Carolina’s campus.

But they will be rolling away on April 9.

“I think everyone is going to be sad to see them go because they have been “kinda” cool,” said a student.

ECU is parting ways with Limebike, as the company switches over from bikes to electric scooters.

“The scooters could be more fun as well, like more fun than bikes, but ECU doesn’t want the scooters here for some reason,” said a student.

Josh Rossanagel with ECU Parking and Transportation said the reason is student safety.

“We looked at data for the scooters and it showed as compared to bicycles, 100 bikes on campus versus 100 scooters, there are not only more injuries with the scooters but worse injuries, they were concussions and fractures,” said Rossanagel.

Scooters are popular in nearby Raleigh and Durham.

“Anytime we go to Charlotte or Raleigh, we will get a bunch of people going, we will race them around downtown,” said a student.

But Limebike is now absent in the Triangle as well, Lime pulling its scooters off city streets this week, citing strict city regulations and fees.

Back over at ECU, some students said they would gladly trade in bikes for scooters.

“I think it would be safer at ECU than places like Raleigh or Charlotte because there is more foot traffic and less vehicle traffic,” a student said.

But Rossanagel said ECU simply does not have the infrastructure conducive for scooters at the moment and that they must keep student safety a top priority. 

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