GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) East Carolina University fans aren’t the only ones preparing for the first weeknight home football game of the year. 

Law enforcement will be utilizing its command post in Townbank Tower to overlook the game and watch for any issues. 

All parking lots will be open at 4 o’clock tomorrow including Eppes Middle School and Elmhurst Elementary School.

“We’ll start to open the lots at 4 o’clock so if you do have a location that you park at in either the Eppes or Elmhurst lot it’s imperative and crucial that you do not go to those lots until 4 o’clock,” says ECU police captain Chris Sutton.

This is also an ECU blackout game, which means fans will be wearing black or dark colors.

Captain Sutton says that drivers should be very defensive and patient as people leave the game. 

Students are also anticipating a good game.

Stephen Ferrand is a freshman and he says, “I’m feeling pretty good they’ve done pretty good so far um I’m really excited to go tailgating.”

Tomorrow ECU fans will have a four-hour window to tailgate before kick-off compared to the typical six-hour window and officials want to make sure fans stay safe.

“If you are doing heavy drinking during that time it’s going to make it really easy for you to become dehydrated and for you to become a medical-related issue, so we’re really encouraging people to drink responsibly,” Sutton says.

Officials also encourage drivers who are not attending the game to think about an alternative route home because Charles Boulevard, Greenville Boulevard, 10th street, and 14th street will be heavily impacted by traffic.