GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – East Carolina University welcomes the final wave of students moving into residence halls today and Thursday as Pirate Nation prepares for the first day of classes on August 10.

As of today, 28,578 students have enrolled at ECU this fall, including 4,269 freshmen, 5,050 graduate students and 1,893 transfer students.

Additionally, 346 students are enrolled in the Brody School of Medicine and 209 in the School of Dental Medicine. Official enrollment numbers will be available after census day.

Nearly 3,600 students dropped off their belongings and set up their rooms during drop-off periods over the previous two weeks, and the remainder of the approximately 5,500 students living on campus this semester will move in during designated time slots on Aug. 5-6.

Students moving in this week are limited to two family members from their own household to help, and all visitors are expected to wear masks during this process.

“I’m excited about starting classes, but it is kind of annoying that most of them are online,” says incoming ECU sophomore Kendal Martynuik.

Martynuik’s mother Stacy Smith is worried her daughter won’t get the most out of her education by working online.

“I wish she could get a better education by being in the classroom,” said Smith.

“I know it’s disappointing to her and her friends to not actually be here as much do what you have to do,” said Smith.

Students who participated in the early drop-off periods will return this weekend for the start of classes on Monday.

Additional information about this year’s move-in process is available at

ECU is working to engage the student body and the rest of the Pirate community to participate in making it possible to remain on campus by making the effort to wear a mask, social distance where possible, wash hands often and avoid large gatherings where social distancing is impossible.

Everyone coming to campus is to complete a daily self-screening using a link provided by text, email, and signage.