ECU students back on campus means more sales for uptown businesses


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – This is the first weekend ECU students are back on campus.

Uptown businesses hope that means more sales, but they hope it doesn’t lead to careless actions that will spread the virus.

ECU administrators spent months planning for students’ return to campus.

Now, it’s up to students to follow precautions to ensure they can stay on campus.

This school year will not be like others.

“I’ve always been into the idea of having a traditional college experience, so I would say that it’s definitely put a damper on that,” said Aida Deen, an ECU freshman.

Some students plan to avoid gatherings.

“Not going out is a sacrifice that I’m willing to make,” said Sophie Adgate, ECU freshman. “I would rather keep everybody safe and wear a mask and just stay inside.”

While others want to hang out with their friends.

“Having large parties I would probably hold off on, but smaller gatherings would probably be okay,” said Deen.

Sup Dogs managers say they worry students will have big gatherings because of North Carolina’s new alcohol curfew.

“It’ll definitely hurt,” said Marilyn Reichstein, Sup Dogs manager. “We’re a college town, so when we have our students back, you definitely see spikes. So I think if it got shut down and everyone did get sent home, you’d definitely be able to notice it all throughout the town.”

Reichstein says, for the most part, she’s seeing students wearing masks and social distancing.

She hopes that continues so students can stay on campus.

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