ECU students receiving tickets for dropping off and picking up friends on campus


Some students are now getting tickets for dropping off or picking up their friends on certain roads at East Carolina University. 

ECU said students get a warning before they get the $25 ticket. 

“My friend was dropping me off on campus before an exam, and they stopped her and almost ticketed her for just dropping me off over here,” ECU junior, Taylor Schultz, said. 

ECU began giving them out at the beginning of the month on service roads near the Bates and Life Sciences buildings. 

“If we have somebody who requires EMS transport then that can be an issue for EMS services, and if we need to get a firetruck in here, then it could also be so congested that it would be challenging,” Lieutenant Chris Sutton with ECU Police said. 

Officials said drop-offs in bus lots puts the buses behind schedule and creates chaos. 

“Anytime you have pedestrian traffic, bus traffic, and then drop off traffic… It can create safety issues,” Sutton said. 

Students said the construction of the new Student Center gives them less options for making it to campus, causing the congestion.

“There used to be parking and drop off areas over there, so now there is not a lot, which is why students will come here and pick up,” ECU sophomore, Jason Hayden, said. 

Some students said they think the university is just trying to get money, but ECU Police said the money does not stay at ECU.

The money from citations goes to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. 

Sutton said their main priority is student safety.

“We want to continue to provide the safest environment possible,” Sutton said.

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