Emerald Isle Police want to know “R U OK?”


The Emerald Isle Police Department has put out a call to get more residents involved in a program that checks their well-being daily.

The “R U OK?” program is designed to give peace of mind to the families of elderly and disabled Emerald Isle residents.

Community Resource Officer Sandra Delorme said, “it’s a busy life. And we know that these folks have a hard time trying to stay in contact on a daily basis and we take care of that for them.”

The program sends a daily automated call to participants to make sure that they are okay.

The system calls back if the call is missed. And if two calls go unanswered, Emerald Isle Police will come to your door to see if you need help.

“We have some folks,” said Delorme, “where they miss the call and they’ll call us right back at the police department to tell us that they’re okay and that we don’t need to come and check on them.”

Officer Delorme said help comes quickly if it’s needed.

“Within an hour of that call being placed and we don’t have any contact there’s going to be somebody at that house checking on that individual,” said Delorme.

The program has been around for almost two years, but the police department said they want to spread the word to make sure people know it’s available.

“We don’t have a whole lot of people signed up for it yet,” said Delorme. “But I think that’s just because people aren’t aware that we offer this service.”

To enroll yourself or a family member in the program, contact the Emerald Isle Police Department at (252) 354-2021.

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