Today, the judge heard from both sides, Dontae Sharpe’s attorney’s making their claim.

The team argued false testimony sent their client to prison for life and information the medical examiner didn’t know, may have changed the outcome of the case.

The information centered around Charlene Johnson, a woman who testified against Sharpe during his original trial.

She was 14 years old at the time.

Today, Sharpe’s mother spoke to the media after the hearing and delivered a message about her son.

“It’s strength,” said Sarah Blakley, Dontae’s mother. Courage. He was at peace. He told me he won’t give up. And he was going to continue to fight for his — justice …innocents he was going to continue to fight for his innocents and we are too.”

The District Attorney’s office argued today’s evidence isn’t new, just the wording used by Sharpe’s attorneys, adding the words “scientifically and medically impossible” doesn’t change the substance of the original testimony. 

The District Attorney told the court the jury weighed any inconsistencies in the first trial and numerous appeals, hearings, and motions have confirmed Sharpe’s conviction.

The judge did not rule on anything on Friday.

The District Attorney said they’ll need four to six weeks to review the briefing presented.

The judge has agreed to two weeks.