Families Belong Together rally held at Pitt County Courthouse


People all over the East gathered at the Pitt County Courthouse on Saturday to take a stand against the Trump administration’s immigration policies. 

The rally in Greenville is just one of over 600 scheduled around the country on Saturday. 

“I want my country to be the country that accepts the tired the poor, the humble masses just yearning to be free. I don’t want it to be the country of us and them,” said Penny Button, of Belhaven. 

With signs raised high, the protesters showed their stance on children getting separated from their parent’s at the US/Mexico border. 

“It’s wrong, I think it’s inhumane. I think it lacks compassion and as a white person I want to show support for black and brown lives,” said Elizabeth Banks. “I think this is an issue that me personally doesn’t affect but that doesn’t mean that I don’t care about other people. I want more people who look like me to care more about people who don’t look like them.”

This is something pre-teen, Maisy Woodmansee, said she can relate to. 

“We should be allowed to stick together, families should be allowed to stay together, if they are coming to a new country. If we moved somewhere I would want to stay with my mom and not have to be separated,” she said.

President Trump tweeted his support for border patrol agents on Saturday, in light of the rallies, telling them not to lose spirit and praising their work at the border. 

Immigrant speakers at the rally say the rallies bring them hope. 

“So what you are doing here right now is so healing for me,” said one of the speakers on Saturday. “That there are white people that are willing to fight with us and for us and embrace the humanity and we can coexist and understand that when we come here it’s not to take their work or money or overpower anybody, we just come to survive.” 

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