GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The family of Beaufort County’s Emergency Services director had another positive report it shared to social media on Saturday.

The family of Carnie Hedgepeth said he continues to crack his eyes open and that his body is reacting positively to his medicine. The overall recovery process continues since his crash with a vehicle while riding his motorcycle in western Pitt County back in June.

“Carnie has had a good day today. He continues to crack his eyes open periodically and has moved his feet a lot. He is still being given antibiotics for his infection, which seem to be helping. His fever is down, and his clamminess has diminished. Even though he continues to be nonverbal and mostly unresponsive, he generally looks as if he felt better today.

“We are also working to identify and evaluate neuro-rehabilitation / recovery facilities that are best suited to help Carnie with his recovery process.”

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