WASHINGTON, N.C. (WNCT) — The family of Carnie Hedgepeth took to social media Tuesday to report further progress for the Beaufort County emergency services director.

In a post on the Arthur Christian Church Facebook page, the Hedgepeth family wrote that he was taken off a ventilator for about two hours on Tuesday, the first of several attempts to take him completely off the ventilator, “allowing Carnie to build his strength back up.”

The family also reports he has moved more in his bed but has not opened his eyes.

“While he has still not opened his eyes, he continues to respond to pain stimulus tests. He also continues to hold our hands and pull our hand back to his when we attempt to pull away,” according to the Facebook post.

Hedgepeth was seriously injured while riding his motorcycle in western Pitt County on June 20. He has served as the Beaufort County emergency services director since 2017.

You can also follow Hedgepeth’s progress on the Beaufort County Office of Emergency Services Facebook page.