GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Farmers are getting help during the pandemic after the Trump Administration is giving an extra $14 billion to farmers and ranchers dealing with coronavirus financial impacts.

The Coronavirus Food Assistant Program of CFAP 2 is getting the money from agencies and other measures of relief. Agriculture Department officials say they plan to use the billions of dollars in helping farmers as they deal with a drop in demand for products like produce, dairy, grain, and meat.

Other issues, like food processing plants closing, has also been a struggle for agricultural production. This, because COVID-19 cases have left these plants no choice but to shut down, leaving an overflow of crops or livestock.

“We continue to grow food. We continue to make production, but supply chains are disrupted. Ways of getting the product to people the normal way isn’t there anymore,” said farmer Mike Godley.

The USDA is limiting assistance funds to $250,000 per operation or person. Farmers and ranchers can apply for the funds beginning Monday, ending December 11. Farmers looking to apply are encouraged to visit the local USDA Farm Service Agency Offices.

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