Farmers learn about legal cannabis in Beaufort County


Industrial hemp is catching on with farmers across the country, including in the East.

It’s a form of cannabis that doesn’t get you high.

Farmers got the chance to learn about the crop in Beaufort County.

There is a lot that goes into being an industrial hemp farmer, especially because it’s so new in North Carolina.

Farmers are finding out what they can and can’t do with the plant.

Daniel Cahoon is a third generation farmer,

He says, “We’ve farmed for some time now, since the early 50’s.”

Everything from corn to cotton but now, this new plant has caught his attention.

Within the last month, he’s gotten started putting up greenhouses.”

He’s hoping to see hemp become a huge success in North Carolina.

“There is a lot of potential and the idea of this being a cash crop in NC is exciting to a lot of farmers.”

That’s why Cahoon and more than 50 other farmers came to the Cooperative Extension in Beaufort County.

Paul Adams is a seed and fertilizer supervisor for the NC Department of Agriculture.

He spoke about getting a license to grow hemp and what goes into it.

You begin with an application at

Once approved, you get a license.

And when you start to grow you have to get your hemp tested to make sure the THC level isn’t too high.

Adams said, “I can’t make any predictions for the future but the program is growing and i think its here to stay.”

Cahoon says, ‘It means a lot to me — for my ancestors who started a successful farming business — it means a lot to a lot in the farming industry.”

But there is risk for farmers, many say because there isn’t enough research, they aren’t sure if they’re ready to invest without knowing what they’ll get in return.

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