Farmville startup that turns leftover crops into flour, powder gets $50,000 grant


FARMVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — One company in the East has a reason to celebrate.

“Glean” just received a $50,000 grant.

It’s one of seven companies around the state to receive the money. “NC Idea” is behind the award. It’s an organization supporting startup companies.

Beet powder, pumpkin flour, sweet potato flour – a new way to eat your veggies.

“Glean is an innovative health food company that is focused on agriculture, sustainability and social responsibility,” said Will Cornegay, co-founder of Glean.

Glean is to pick up what is left over after harvest and that’s exactly what this Farmville startup is doing.

“Farmers are leaving crops in the field that they don’t have a home for,” said Cornegay. “They don’t have a customer for and we aim to solve that because over 40% of farmer’s crops are lost to food waste.”

A resourceful business that has been awarded a $50,000 NC Idea “SEED” grant,  which provides money to innovative startups across the state.

“We’ve put everything on the line to start this company,” said Laura Hearn, cofounder of Glean. “And so it’s certainly reaffirmed the passion that we have behind this business and the potential we have to see it grow in scale.”

Glean’s goal is to expand this plant here in Farmville and create even more jobs for those in eastern North Carolina.

“Our mission is gathering goodness,” said Hearn. “All the way from the farm through producing these products to giving back so it really would come full circle for us and down the road, our goal is to create hundreds of jobs.”

It’s a startup with a mission to help others.

“For every pound that we sell, we donate a pound to those who need it to help fight hunger,” said Cornegay.

“So it’s kind of full circle company where you’re able to eat healthy but feel better about what you’re doing as well,” said Hearn.

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