GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Following the news that East Carolina University will be sending undergraduates home for the remainder of fall semester, some Greenville business owners are worried how this will affect them.

Sup Dogs in Uptown Greenville is a popular hangout spot for ECU students, and owner Brett Oliverio says he’s a little concerned this will hurt business. Oliverio hopes to make up for the customer loss by regaining people who’ve avoided the large college crowds since the school opened back up.

“You know I’m not really surprised. I mean you bring 30,000 college students back right now? I think we sorta expected it. We’ve been planning on it. I think we’re going to stay busy so I’m optimistic but I’m not surprised that it happened,” said Oliverio.

For now, Oliverio says Sup Dogs will continue offering outdoor and socially distanced dining to protect both staff and customers.