The NC Estuarium explores the shores of the Tar-Pamlico river where you can take mistletoe off the trees to decorate your home.

Today through Saturday the NC Estuarium in Washington has a Mistletoe River Roving trip to get you in the holiday spirit.

Not only do you hunt for natural mistletoe, but learn about the history of it.

While exploring the waters the captain will discuss what mistletoe does for the environment, the lore of it at Christmas, what it means to many cultures and the history of Washington.

The future of mistletoe can now be found in medicine.

The Educational Programmer at the NC Estuarium, Russ Chesson, stated “Actually using compounds of mistletoe help cure some types of cancer in Europe and it is becoming more popular in the US. It is interesting because it’s original roots a cure-all in ancient England and Norse Mythology.”

For more on this fun river, roving experience check out the NC Estuarium.