First responders share some tips on how to avoid heat-related illnesses


“It’s too hot,” said Latisha Walker Frye, a Greenville resident. Melting!”

It’s scorching hot in the City of Greenville. 

“I am out here with my grandkids because he wants to come to the park and play,” said Latisha. So, grandma being nice and take him out in this heat. I need to go back home, and I need my air conditioner. Hmm!” 

Latisha is spending the day at Town Common.

“If I come here around this time it is packed in here, you know It’s too hot if there am not anybody here,” said Latisha. Everybody should have stayed at home as I should have.”

Trying to keep herself and her family cool in temperatures in the upper 90s.

“Cold water right here, cold water right there, and I am in the shade right here where I am at,” said Latisha. You definitely going to need it if you are here in this park or outside period!”

While many are spending the day outside, first responders said hot weather can pose health risks.

“Usually when it gets to the summertime, we see a lot of more heat-related emergencies,” said Thomas Ackerman, EMS specialist at Greenville Fire/Rescue. Work-related, a lot of people working outside, not hydrating properly.” 

“Most of the time it’s the dizziness, weakness, vomiting, and we see somebody profusely sweating because of the electrolyte imbalance, they could be having cardiac issues as well,” said Ackerman. 

He said to avoid this: 

  • Come inside frequently to take breaks from the heat 
  • Stay in the shade when you are outside
  • Hydrate often with water or Gatorade

“When you start to feel thirsty, it’s already at that point when you should have been hydrating,” said Ackerman.

Latisha said you’re probably better off in the AC.

“I advise everybody else to stay in cool old people, make sure y’all cool and water and everybody, because it’s no joke out here,” said Latisha. Air conditioner please just stay in because it’s too hot!”


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