Flags honor that special someone in your life at Greenville’s Field of Honor


At Greenville’s Town Common, you’ll now see 500 American flags, all there, honoring a special person in someone’s life.

For Susan Gibson, the Field of Honor is about just that, honor.

She and her husband bought two flags this year, one for her dad and one for his.

She said, “They were both very patriotic.”

Both served in WWII.

Gibson said, “They believed in service to their country and were both very proud of their service.”

Her father, Elvin Cutler passed away 14 years ago and her father in law, William Gibson died last year but their memories live on and that’s why she’s here at the opening ceremony for the Field of Honor.

These flags aren’t just for military service members; they’re for anyone who is a hero in your life, maybe a teacher, a pastor, a mom or dad, anyone who has had an impact on you.

This is the 2nd year for the display.

The Greenville Noon Rotary Club is behind the project.

Jack Brueckner is the president of the club.

Brueckner said, “I think people want to have a chance to give back to someone they think gave everything for them.”

It’s something Gibson says she’s glad she did.

She said, “It makes you stop and just think about the privileges you have, the freedom, and what was sacrificed so you can enjoy those freedoms.”

The flags will be on display in town common until mid-July and you can still buy one.

They’re $35 at greenvilleflagfield.org —- you’ll get a flag dedicated to that special someone.


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