Food commercialization center could be coming to Ayden


Plans are in the works right now for a food commercialization center in Ayden.

It looks to help farmers in six counties and provide an economic boost for the town and for Pitt County, but it all depends on if the state passes the budget.

The state budget has close to $3 million dollars set aside for the Eastern North Carolina Food Commercialization Center which would be in Ayden.

What it is exactly — farmers who aren’t able to sell their crops, they can take them here — for a small fee, and they’ll wash, package and sell them for the farmers.

Ayden town manager Steven Harrell says there will be an economic boost, he said, “An economic boost not just to the region but also for Ayden because many of our folks would be able to benefit from the jobs it will produce.”

There will be about 10 jobs available in the beginning, but Harrell says more will follow.

Harrell said, “Over the next 5 years, it is projected that the project would increase jobs in our area by 200 jobs”

If the state budget is passed, $2.5 million dollars would be set aside for the 24,000 square foot facility.

It would look to help farmers package and distribute their crops as well as provide food processing services to food companies, retailers and many restaurants.

The money would be split between two years.

Harrell says if everything goes according to plan, they’d like to see the center built by the spring of 2020.

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