Former Greenville firefighter comes out of retirement to help with yearly recruitment


Calvin Horne says he’s eager to connect with potential recruits here in Greenville… And make sure this year’s new class reflects the diversity of the community.

18 years of age, high school education or GED and a valid driver’s license, said Calvin Horne, Recruitment Coordinator for Greenville Fire Rescue

Those are the just the minimum requirements to apply to be a part of the Greenville Fire-Rescue team.

Horne is the new recruitment coordinator for Greenville Fire-Rescue.  And he’s looking for people who want to take care of the community.

Very very passionate. I’ve been in fire service for over 29 years and I’m looking to ah make sure we get qualified applicants. And that those applicants take care of the community said Horne

Horne has started a grassroots type effort looking for potential applicants. And he’s doing so by jumping deep into the community.

I’ve been beating the pavement. Going to churches barbershops the mall contacting recruitment coordinator from the police department and sheriffs’ office” said Horne

He adds diversity and connecting with the community is key. The goal is to connect with minorities and women… Hoping to peak some interest.

“We want to make sure the department is a direct reflection of the community. Also when on certain calls meeting different people can relate to different people certain ways they have that certain connection” said Horne

But most all he wants future team members to succeed.

“To make sure those employees get what they want in order to succeed in the position they are in and make sure the community is safe, said Horne

For more information visit

Look on for the human resources tab

Click on Fire Rescue and fill out and interests card. When the application opens up you will be notified.

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