GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — A program for students to gain access to free tutoring is now making waves across Eastern North Carolina.

It’s called “Connect Me” tutoring and it’s a free service for low-income and students in need in grades K-8. Now, since the last time we checked in on the program, Greenville and Eastern North Carolina have become some of the most popular markets they have today.

“Our currency is not money, our currency is success,” said Mehmet Tascioglu, the Founder of “Connect Me.”

The non-profit is operating in thirty US states and eight different countries. However, Greenville is one of its most popular markets.

“We’ve seen students coming from all walks of life from Greenville. We’ve seen different schools in the area and we’ve been able to work with students on a consistent basis and some of those students are graduating from our program,” said Tascioglu.

“We hope to help as many people as possible, especially those low-income families,” said Camille Johnson, Director of Communications for “Connect Me.”

It started with a Michigan high schooler who was making some extra money tutoring. He soon realized with the pandemic and other challenges, he wanted to build this into an empire, and make it free.

“If we have the knowledge and learn the knowledge and we know how to teach it, why not assist more students in getting there as well,” said Tascioglu.

The parents in Pitt County and in surrounding areas are starting to see a real change in their children’s academic performance, all without having to spend a dime.

“With Greenville, we’re actually starting to see it go in a complete circle and our students grasp complete knowledge,” said Tascioglu.

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