AYDEN, N.C. (WNCT) — Just in time for the holiday season is a new hardware store that has opened up in Ayden. So get your wallets ready to buy some new tools for Christmas.

Coltrain Home and Hardware opened last week and offers a little bit of everything. From gardening tools to hand tools and paint, they even have some local items from places like Sam Jones.

Ayden’s old local hardware store closed last year and the owners of Coltrain are pleased to offer something locally.

“In this economy, people are looking to fix things themselves,” said store owner Sarah Coltrain. “They’re learning and growing their knowledge base and saying hey you know I can repair that screen so we want to be your friend in your project.

“So come to us let us help. If you need a soundboard just to think things out. We’re here for you.”

Coltrain Home and Hardware is open Monday through Saturday and is located on 3rd Street in downtown Ayden.