AYDEN, N.C. (WNCT) — Nearly $800 million in grant money will fund approximately 400 wastewater and water infrastructure projects throughout North Carolina.

“Clean drinking water is necessary for healthy families and thriving communities,” Gov. Roy Cooper said in a press release.

In eastern North Carolina, Pitt County will receive around $24 million.

In Ayden, the funding comes at a time when some residents have been expressing their concerns about their drinking water.

Ayden residents say their water problems need to be addressed, reporting issues such as bad smells and poor water taste.

“When you first start running the water it smells up the whole, if you use the bathroom, the master bathroom water, it’ll stink the whole bedroom up,” longtime Ayden resident Chris Cannon said. “It’s a pretty bad smell, I don’t know how to describe it but it’s like a rotten egg smell. it’s like a sulfur smell.”

Another resident recently moved to Ayden from Florida. She’s faced the same issues.

“It’s just overwhelming, my skins dried out all the time … the toilet water is smelly and we don’t even drink the tap water here, we drink bottled water,” Cori Morton said.

Interim Town Manager Kerry McDuffie said officials the town is aware of some issues.

“With some of the older water lines made out of cast iron, we wanna get those cast iron lines replaced. There is a possibility that could cause a slight discoloration in water,” McDuffie added.

McDuffie said the $906,000 grant will help resolve those issues. The grant will go toward replacing a water line on Cannon Street. McDuffie said all water lines in Ayden are interconnected.

McDuffie said officials are waiting for the contract to come in from the state so they can get the funding and start talks with engineers.