GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Someone left a sticker bearing the words “ANTIFA Hunting Permit” stuck to the door of The Sojourner over the weekend.

Photo courtesy: Courtney Varandoe

“It communicates murderous intent, and degradation of us as human beings and as American citizens,” said The Sojourner’s owner, Michelle Jenkins. “We take that as a threat.”

The manager on duty noticed something was wrong when customers came inside visibly worried and upset.

Jenkins says she’s never seen a blatant threat like this against her Uptown business.

“We’ve always be appreciated, and those who don’t appreciate us just tend to walk on by,” said Jenkins.

She believes partisan politics are behind the threat.

“It’s from rhetoric being spoken from the highest podiums of this nation,” said Jenkins.

Just up the road, police say there was more political vandalism over the weekend.

Someone spray-painted the word “racist” on the memorial gravestone of a Confederate colonel.

A bag now hides the defacement.

“I hope that people can understand this is not what Greenville is about,” said Greenville Mayor PJ Connelly. “We’re more than that.”

Connelly posted both photos to his Facebook page saying in part:

“No matter your view on issues, respect should be shown to all citizens in our community and this does not properly display Greenville as a community. Make an impact and be someone that makes a positive change for the better of EVERYONE in our city. Life is too short to hate one another.”

Connelly knows emotions are high this election year, but says it’s no excuse for these kinds of acts.

Jenkins says she’s not going to change her beliefs, no matter what someone puts on her door.

“Everyone is welcome here, and I think that’s why we’ve been singled out,” said Jenkins. “I’m not one to let fear stop me.”

The Greenville Police Department is investigating both incidents.