GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – It’s a conversation that’s been going on in Pitt County for months, whether the company Compute North can build in the area or not.

Monday evening, the Greenville ENC Alliance proposed the text amendment that was voted on to amend the city code. It now paves the way for companies like Compute North to start in Greenville. Members of the community spoke in the public comment section both for and against the amendment.

“Most the folks that are against this are people that are local, homegrown right here. Who pay taxes, who work hard, who love this city. I think the most important thing is that we enjoy our quality of life,” said Syene Jasmin, a Greenville resident.

(Compute North photo)

“For us to begin winning the economic development wars, we as a community need to embrace 21st-century technology. Digital businesses are experiencing explosive growth,” said Tom Kulikowski, president, and CEO of Penco Products and the Greenville ENC Alliance chairman.

There was a revision to the text amendment that will require any facility built to be on a minimum 35-acre piece of land. It will also prohibit any facility from being built within a 2,500-foot radius of a school or a house.

Any company that comes to the city will also have to follow local noise ordinances.