GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Experts say these high temperatures can be dangerous. That’s why Greenville Fire/Rescue is working to educate people on protecting themselves out in the sun.

Battalion Chief Jesse Harris says for people who have to be outdoors, you should have a plan. If you know you need to be outdoors the next day, hydrate the night before.

Keeping water in your system even if you’re not thirsty when in the heat is important. Harris advises against drinking alcohol in the sun because it could further dehydrate a person.

During the pandemic, masks can make breathing difficult…especially in the heat. Harris says if you must be outdoors and don’t want to wear a mask, practice social distancing.

“There are three kinds of stages of heat-related injuries. You have heat cramps, where you cramp a little bit. There’s excessive sweating, where you then get dehydrated,” said Chief Harris.

Greenville Fire/Rescue asks anyone who is experiencing these symptoms or sees someone else struggling to immediately call 911.

If you can, also try to find a shaded or cooler area while waiting for emergency personnel.