Greenville residents frustrated over AC issues at housing authority


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) Nearly 20 families at Kearney Park in Greenville said they have not had air conditioning since late March.

People there said the housing authority is taking to long to make repairs.

“When I turned it on there was nothing but warm air,” said Evelyn Hopkins.

Hopkins has been living at Kearney Park since 1965, a place she calls home, but says now it has become unbearable.

Hopkins and 16 other families said they have been without air conditioning since late March.

“When it first started getting warm I reported that it wasn’t working. The guy came and looked at and it said there’s a leak and it is leaking out oil and we have to put a new unit back there but they never did,” Hopkins said.

The Greenville Housing Authority has given Hopkins and other tenants temporary AC units, but they say they’re useless in this summer heat.

“With the temperature being as high as it is now it wasn’t helping much especially at night that where its a problem you can’t sleep,” said Hopkins.

“Every time I said something about it they say they’ve ordered the units but they have not come in,” she said.

Hopkins said Kearney Park service workers now say it will take another two weeks to receive new units, but she and her family can’t wait that long due to health issues.

“It affects my daughter because she has a problem. She has a renal problem she goes to dialysis three times a week and she can’t stand to be hot,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins wants something to be done.

“I deal with it the best I can but it’s getting ridiculous right now it’s hotter every day. They can do a little bit better,” she said. “Why can’t the city go ahead and do what they got to do since these are their places.”

Kearney Park housing authority offices said they could not comment and referred us to the Greenville housing authority offices.

The executive director and assistant director were not available for comment. We will keep following up until we get a response.

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