9 On The Positive Side: Greenville eight-year-old inspiring others through published book


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — There is just something about eight-year-old Aubrey Suggs from Greenville.

She’s trying to teach the world to see things her way. In the process of doing that, she’s hoping to inspire others.

“I was looking at myself in the mirror and I said ‘I’m pretty.’ I said ‘I am beautiful. I’m smart and I’m intelligent’,” said Aubrey Suggs, author of “Melanin Girl.”

Aubrey is a confident girl who you might think has always been that way. But that wasn’t the case. 

“When Aubrey was about four, five, she questioned ‘Why didn’t God give me long hair? Why didn’t God give me colored eyes? Why’s my skin so dark?'” said her mother, Tyeisha Suggs.

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Aubrey’s parents reassured her, and with that came newfound confidence.

“We just poured into her that she was beautiful,“ Tyeisha Suggs explained. “Every single day.”

Aubrey learned to see the beautiful little girl others saw.

“They see other girls and say ‘Hmmm. Why does my face not look like that? I want them to know that Black girls are beautiful and they’re smart,” Aubrey said.  

It’s that exact message she is trying to portray through her book. 

“My book is about what Melanin girls see in the mirror,” she said.

Aubrey authored the book in just one day.

“I really put my mind into it and prayed about it,” Aubrey said. “It’s like a wish that came true.”

“We just try to put that spirit into our kids that they can do anything,” said Aubrey’s father, Alfred Suggs.

Aubrey is inspiring others to feel the way she feels when she looks in the mirror.  

“She is cheering on other little girls and letting them know ‘I am your cheerleader. If you feel like you do not have anybody else on your team, I am on your team’,” Tyeisha Suggs said.  

“That’s why she put the journal in the back of the book so they can write down qualities about themselves,” Alfred Suggs said.

It’s qualities like these: “I feel pretty. I feel blessed. I feel smart,” said Aubrey.

There is no telling where Aubrey’s dreams will take her. She is authoring another book with her brothers to inspire boys.

Here are a few links if you’d like to buy Aubrey’s book. 

Melanin Girl by Aubrey Facebook page

TheBookPatch.com to order Aubrey’s book

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