GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – American Airlines is coming back to the Greenville area. The first arrival was due Tuesday night after months of suspended service to Pitt-Greenville Airport.

“I like flying out of Greenville. It’s very convenient especially if you go long trips when you get back your right here at home,” said Travis Blowe.

“Personally, convenience. I like being right down the road,” said Chris Moore.

Local flyers are happy to have American Airlines back at Pitt-Greenville Airport after three months without service. Blowe said he missed being able to hop a local flight.

“I felt like that was a major downfall for this community. It generates people coming through Greenville from all parts of eastern North Carolina,” said Blowe.

American Airlines suspended round-trip service in October after federal stimulus money ran out. The latest COVID relief measure from Congress is allowing the airline to resume flights to smaller airports like PGV.

“They serve a lot to the community and were very happy to have them back in the airport,” said Bill Hopper, PGV executive director.

Hopper said Greenville having a major airline is good for business in Eastern North Carolina.

“Pitt Greenville Airport after 2019 contributed $320 million dollars a year to this community,” said Hopper.

The airport didn’t close while American was gone. It handled business and sports charter flights. Hopper says his crews have done more work over the airport’s last three months.

“We’ve done some painting on the ramp that’s going on in the parking areas we have,” Hopper said. “A construction project that’s been going on with the taxiways we’ve repaved a very large portion of our parking lot so everything looks nice and fresh out there.”

American is restarting service to PGV with one daily flight, but executives plan to add more flights soon.