GREENVILLE, NC (WNCT) — AMEXCAN hosted its day-long celebration at the Town Commons in Uptown Greenville on Saturday. It highlighted women- and Latino-owned businesses in the area.

“Our idea was to just bring together women-owned businesses and Latino-owned businesses, which we have quite a few here,” said Community Youth Coordinator for AMEXCAN, Sophie Adgate. “We also have a band and dancers, and it’s a fun way to bring the community together and raise some awareness about our organization and other organizations and just be a fun day.”

The celebration also included different resources available to help the community.

Courtesy of AMEXCAN

“Some people are sometimes in need of food, so that’s why we try to give access to them as much as possible,” said Education and Advocacy Coordinator for AMEXCAN, Alma Vasquez. “We also have resources like legal aid of North Carolina, so it really helps people come out and really connect with them on a local level.”

Eventgoers said they were looking forward to having fun with their families and representing the Mexican culture.

The event also included live music, vendors, and food.