GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Road safety can be as easy as riding a bike. People of all ages learned about the rules of the road at the East Carolina Council BSA’s annual Bicycle Rodeo on Saturday.

Organizers said they expected more than 50 children to pass through the event. They added organizations like the Greenville Police Department, ECU Health, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Phelps Chevrolet as well as local groups helped make the event possible.

“It’s hosted by the Boy Scouts and the Cub Scouts, and we have different booths for bicycle safety,” Scouts BSA Central District Chairman Brad Wilkinson said.

After getting their bikes inspected, participants were ready to hit the road, in this case, an obstacle course in the parking lot of Dick’s Sporting Goods.

“I learned that my brakes were messed up, I got some new safety equipment like some lights for the front and the back,” said Tyler, one of the participants. “It was pretty cool knowing that someone knew how to fix something that I didn’t even know was broken.”

Knowing hand signals, when to stop and what side of the street to stay on were some of the skills tested.

“It’s nothing new to me since I’ve been riding a bike for a long time, but I haven’t rode in over like two years, so it’s a nice refresher,” said Ryan, another participant.

Once all the obstacle courses were complete, participants were licensed to ride.

Organizers said this is a yearly event, and they encourage everyone to come out next year.