Disaster Relief, LLC was in Greenville Tuesday to help homeowners who suffered uninsured losses due to Florence. 

Disaster Relief provides homeowners with property appraisals and damage estimates they need in order to file a claim with the IRS. 

You must be a homeowner, a taxpayer and have suffered damage or have completely lost your home.

The purpose of the program is to give people access to their tax money.

“The homeowner must have an estimate of value,” said Mark Stockton, disaster relief managing member. “An appraisal as of the day before or just immediately before the event, whatever the disaster was. Then an estimate of loss or value after the disaster. That is the amount they can claim as their loss on the form that they file.” 

Homeowners can file an amended return against last year’s taxes and get cash back or take the loss on next year’s taxes to reduce the amount taxes they owe.

Disaster Relief,LLC will be in Myrtle Beach assisting homeowners on Wednesday.


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