GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — MrBeast, you have some pretty unique fans.

YouTuber and MrBeast super fan, Brett Lark, has partnered with Cathy Johnson to take a house in Greenville and turn it into an all things MrBeast place. It will soon be listed online as a spot where people can rent and stay in Greenville, where MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) lives and does a lot of his social videos.

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Lark, who is from Colorado, is working with Johnson and other partners from California to make the dream a reality. They recently donated $1,000 to Beast Philanthropy, MrBeast’s charitable wing of his overall organization. They also said they would donate part of the net profits to continue to support Beast Philanthropy.

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It’s not just any rental stay though. It is COMPLETELY a MrBeast themed location. Everything. There is a YouTube bedroom, a Minecraft room and a room dedicated entirely to the man himself.

The entire house matches MrBeast’s theme. The appliances are matched to his theme colors (pink and blue). There are his favorite board games, artwork of him on every wall, a vending machine with his chocolate bars and much, MUCH more.

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Lark also mentioned that the house isn’t only for huge fans of the YouTuber, but also for people who are trying to start a career in content creation. There is a shed in the backyard that has been turned into a studio where you can record your videos. There’s also a room completely dedicated to editing those videos.

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