GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Twice a month, students at Eastern Elementary School gather for their Boys to MENtor program, a group that teaches fifth-grade boys life skills.

On Friday, the group gathered at Bateeni Mediterranean Grill to learn about cooking and food safety.

“All of us need some extra love in our lives and guidance and we picked a few of our fellows that we thought could use that just like the rest of us,” said Eastern Elementary School P.E. coach and mentor Bobby Waugh.

Boys to MENtor teaches students skills they could use in the future.

“Try teaching them some things, different life skills, different lessons that not all of us get at home, and we’ve started to run with it,” said Waugh.

Those skills include tying ties, speaking in interviews and cooking skills.

“We’re here at Bateeni’s today, back in the kitchen learning how to cook, they have been so wonderful for us,” Waugh said.

Students in the group said they know they will use these skills in the future, and cooking is both fun and useful.

“It’s like pretty cool when you know how to make your own stuff, but just be careful not to burn it or cut yourself,” said student Emiliano Guttierrez. “Because if you can’t cook in the future, then you got to buy stuff and waste money.”