GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The day many Greenville locals have been waiting for finally arrived. The brand new Wildwood Park is open to the public with a grand opening event that was held Saturday.

“This is a place where people can come and enjoy nature, outside with their families, and hike, they can rent a camping platform and wake up to a beautiful scene in the morning, throw a little fishing line in,” said Greenville Recreation and Parks Superintendent Heather White.

White said she could think of no better way to celebrate the park’s opening than to invite the public to a free event where they can experience its beauty.

“This is definitely unique to Greenville and to our area in the East for sure,” White said. “So we’re hoping that this is not just a place for community residents to enjoy, but also a destination for people to come from all over and participate in the Wildwood  Park.”

Along with camping and fishing, the new park offers hiking trails, an activated waterfront, a sandy beach, kayak launches and a floating dock, just to name a few. Visitors at the opening event said they love the way the park is bringing people together, and some hope it will bring more tourism to the area.

 “I hope that people enjoy this space enough to realize how important these spaces are for thriving communities with healthy economies and you know that Greenville is a place to visit,” said visitor Melissa Adamson.

All this is just phase one of the park, with more to come. Officials say the park is designed as a destination for all outdoor activities, be it land or water.